среда, 29 июля 2009 г.

My How-To-Make

This is the best "How-To-Make" I've found. It belongs to "Park and Cube" blog (though I didn't understand yet who is who among them, sorry). So let's start the lesson!
Things to prepare: Victim jeans, narrow cutting board or cardboard piece, knife, vacuum cleaner

Slide the cutting board into the leg
It's best if you wore the jeans to see where to start slashing. Start slashing the jeans horizontally. Do them in sections istead of the whole width of the jeans for more destroyed effect.

Slash first, then scrape of the denim to reveal the threads.
Pull out the denim fluff and discard. This will cause the considerate amount of the dust, so have a clean vacuum ready.
  1. 1. For choice of denim semi-thick, spring jeans will work the best. Avoid thin summer jeans or thick winter jeans.
2. For maximum effect destroy the whole width of the jeans.
3. Washing tips: turn the jeans inside out, put into the pillow case and wash in delicate cycle.
You can also watch the video on their site to be sure you're doing everything right:
it's here And this is what I've done by myself:

And here comes georgeos Merilin Monroe singing a song for russian soldiers of World War II! When I saw this t-shirt I just couldn't stand by and hugged it immediatly.....

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